Hilton Distinguished Service Award
Hilton Distinguished Service Award

Criteria and Nomination Form

The purpose of this award is to recognize and honor the exceptional loyalty and leadership of alumni volunteers and their efforts to further the goals and support the programs of the Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership. Individuals cannot be recognized for work for which they have received financial compensation. Award recipients will have demonstrated exceptional service in one or more of the following ways:
Giving freely of their time and talent throughout the year or provided sustained support over a period of years,
By an extraordinary act or effort made a significant contribution to Hilton College’s goals and programs,
Through their efforts on behalf of Hilton College brought favorable publicity and recognition to the Hilton College’s programs and goals, or
Made a significant financial contribution to a Hilton College project or program.



1. The award is a one-time honor; therefore, previous award recipients are not eligible.
2. Members of the Hilton College Alumni Board are not eligible for consideration. 
3. Candidates should possess integrity, stature and demonstrated ability that the award will reflect honor on the Hilton College and create a sense of pride among members of the College community.
4. The award may not be conferred in absentia; however, it may be granted posthumously.
5. An individual may not receive both the Distinguished Alumni Award or Distinguished Young Alumni Award and the Distinguished Faculty/Staff Award during the same year.
6. Nominations will remain on file for 3 years. 
7. Nominations cannot be considered during a year when the nominee is a candidate for election or re-election to a public office.


Nomination Requirements:

  1. This completed form.
  2. Maximum one (1) page letter highlighting why you think the person should be considered.
  3. Maximum five (5) additional pages supporting the above criteria about each candidate’s credentials, achievements, the impact of those accomplishments, public awards and honors, and outside sources such as published articles.

Email (Nominator): Required Field